The Patient Service Cycle

Consider the patient service cycle:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Check In
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment
  5. Check Out

Each point can be broken down into numerous visits and procedures, stretching over weeks or years. And, each point requires meticulous examination to ensure accurate, complete and timely billing.

We take the entire process seriously, from the first point of contact through the completion of billable service, claim submission and collection.

Turn to Scorpio Surgical Billing for:

  • Complete Billing Services – Private, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) billing with all insurance contacts. Charges, payments, and adjustments—we do it all.
  • Billing Practice Audits – We do a thorough audit of your billing over a specific time period, locate billing issues and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for more efficient and accurate office performance.
  • Staff Training – Using the results of a Billing Practice Audit, we train your staff in front end patient registration and compliance to maximize accuracy and efficiency in the billing process.
  • CPT Coding – Current Procedural Terminology is revised and reissued annually. Are you on top of it? We establish the proper coding for your services, so you get the maximum reimbursement to which you are entitled.
  • Past Due Claims Collection – We do a thorough follow-up on all claims that age 30 days from date of entry.
  • Rejection and Denial Appeals – We follow up on all rejections and denials. Yes, denials can be reversed! Nothing falls through the cracks!
  • Solutions to Reimbursement Problems – Any problem, any carrier. After 15 years on the insurance side, including work for Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, solving reimbursement problems is one of our specialties. We speak their language!
  • Patient Billing – We dilligently pursue even the most delinquent of individuals with statements and payment schedules for patient balances due.
  • Complete Reports – With complete, easy-to-read monthly reports at your fingertips, you’ll always know where you stand and what to expect. Need a special report? Just let us know!

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