The Scorpio Advantage

Thirty Years of Experience

All medical billing companies submit claims. It’s what we do before the claim is submitted–the Scorpio Advantage–that makes the difference for you.

We put 30 years of experience into every claim. Our Chief Billing Officer reads your operative notes to ensure that every procedure is properly coded for maximum revenue. Electronic submissions are authorized only after passing our rigorous 6-point inspection–keeping the error rate low and your revenue high!

We address each claim on an individual basis. We do not use an “assembly line” mentality. This eliminates errors that can be missed with electronic scrubbing alone.

We have the knowledge, experience and patience to ensure that the codes are accurate and billed out properly. And by spending the extra time visually reviewing each individual claim before submission, we ensure that the quality of the information results in maximum payment on first submission.

Your Specialty is Surgery.
Our Specialty is Surgical Billing.

Specializing in surgical billing means we have the experience to know when something is missing or incorrect on the surgical billing form.

This allows us to maximize the revenue that you are probably losing now.

We are the amongst the best at what we do and continually exceed the standard for surgical billing.

What makes us different?

Unmatched in knowledge and experience, members of our staff are among the most qualified billing specialists in the industry, and we take pride in keeping ahead of the curve. That’s why our staff continually pursue additional education and training.

After 30 years in the industry, we understand what you’re doing in the operating room.
And, we know how the insurance companies think.
We perform a meticulous manual scrutiny of your operative reports to capture all billable procedures.
We will leave no money on the table!

Days in A/R drop dramatically with Scorpio’s proven methods of claims submission. Our follow-up procedures with patients and insurance companies allow your practice to decrease A/R and increase cash flow.

We make the difference by taking a proactive role in all aspects of claims submission:

  • Operative Notes Review. We compare operative notes against the superbill to make sure that every procedure is reported. This adds to your revenue stream.
  • Code Check. We make sure that the codes used for the reported procedures are accurate. This helps to avoid denials, which in turn improves your revenue cycle.
  • Omitted Modifier Check. We check to see if required modifiers have been inadvertently omitted, and apply them as needed. This helps to avoid unnecessary claim denials.
  • Prior Authorization Check. Before submitting any claim involving surgical cases, we check to make sure that any required prior authorizations have been obtained. Again, this saves precious time by avoiding unnecessary claim denials.
  • Discrepancy Check. We also check for any other discrepancies that would otherwise invalidate a claim submission.
  • Meticulous Review. Finally, we visually re-examine and double check all claims for errors and omissions before submitting for processing.

Our meticulous manual scrutiny of all claims results in minimal rejections and denials, and our high rate of appeal approval ensures maximum cash flow for your practice.

Your Personal Billing Service

Consider our staff part of your surgery team, handling “post op” details such as following up on all unpaid claims and keeping your DAR better than industry standard.

Prior to starting service, we discuss your practice, your needs and what you want from your billing company. This leads to a more advanced analysis and a strategic plan custom-tailored to you.

Then we deliver, assigning one staff member from Scorpio Surgical Billing as your dedicated contact so you get the personal attention you deserve.

All work is checked and double-checked, resulting in faster payment and no hassle for you.

We know you need your medical billing claims processed in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner. And, we deliver. In fact, we guarantee it in our contract.

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We understand what you do in the operating room, and we know how insurance companies operate. We perform a meticulous manual scrutiny of your operative reports. We will leave no money on the table! To find out more, call us. 941-343-9098.

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